Fabiana Cruz 


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, on April 16th 1984.  Moved to Paris at the age of 15, where I live, work and explore. 

Graduated from Fine Arts at La Sorbonne.


About my work:

Music interpreted by movement: a dance. Music interpreted by poetry: a song. Music interpreted by writing: a score. How would art translate music? How would music interpret a painting? My work comes from a deep need to conciliate my two vocations: Music and Fine Arts. Also as a way to experience a perceptual phenomenon that fascinates me: synesthesia.

My aesthetic research aims to wake a sensibility towards the simple, the day to day events. It's a playground, in a way: a childhood flashback that can be found in that well known feeling of experimentation and discovery. But most of all, it is the familiar, the pure, the outrageously simple, extracted out of it's context and weirdly amplified.

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